Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Removal of F&O in AGRICULTURE and FSB

The present double digit inflation is due to Futures trading in Commodities, thanks to the biggest jobber in business, our not so humble Agriculture minister. Despite World Bank warnings, UPA and Pawar went ahead with it. With Commodities Futures, the supply side has been monopolised by those who can control Agriculture, namely Pawar and his goons, numerous politicians, Relaince and ITC. These people have gained control over the supply of food grains and edible commodities over the last 8-9 years. Now, it doesnot surprise me when Pawar says that Onion prices will come down in 3-4 weeks, as he knows that his boys are playing the market till stocks last. As the supply is controlled, the prices are controlled by the same cartel, leading to inflated prices even when we had bumper and surplus harvests, against basic tenets of economics. Hope this explains the double digit food inflation seen under UPA. so in effect all of us are paying more for food due to the greed and selfish business desires of Pawar and his cartel.

So after having driven double digit food inflation for almost a decade, UPA wakes up to elections and decides to remedy it - The FSB! "Subsidize grain to 65% of the country" - Mummy's new mantra! Pappu sings in chorus as do the league of rogues. And who pays for this - Again all of us as the subsidy is funded out of our tax money.

In effect, we pay more for food to satisfy the lust of UPA and its cronies, and then we pay even more to help them claim fake credit for subsidizing it. So UPA creates an inflation problem and then announces a populist scheme to remedy it, which in effect is saying two negatives makes a positive!

Spare a thought - we had a PDS for almost 40 years which despite its inefficiencies worked. Why did we need FSB now?

To REMEDY the whole problem, Modi should abolish F&O in Commodities completely and offer Crop insurance to farmers, another brilliant scheme from ABV's time! Decontrol Fertilizer and eliminate fertilizer subsidies in fertilizer and bring in competition to offer farmers the best fertilizers and techniques to improve their crop production and maximize returns. Fertilizer subsidies have not benefited farmers but only the manufacturers who have continued to churn out poor quality goods in pre-historic contraptions called factories and gobbled up the subsidy. Ultimately, the net benefit of the subsidy to the farmer has been under 10 paise per KG, which can be easily bettered by competitive environment.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sharing my presentation at @erocks 2013, Bangalore, Oct 6 ,2013 on IoT in Omnichannel Retail!

IoT in Omnichannel Retail from Subbu Jois
Look forward to your comments!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

IOT strategy of Staples

IoT Podcast: Staples to become a one-stop shop for office supplies and smart home devices

Google glass apps

Rock Health startups Spire and Augmedix show wearable tech’s applications beyond fitness

Friday, September 27, 2013

Smart Watches Review

Samsung launched its smart watch, Galaxy Gear earlier this month.


Pebble started with a bang, raising a record $ 10 Million on Kickstarter! 
Pebble Watch

While the small form factor may improve portability, the same and the monochromatic display will prove to be a deterrent to many. The low cost of $150 is attractive though. It will end up more as a gizmo than a utility. With over 85000 pre-ordered at the time of writing, the future definitely looks interesting ! 
Lifestyle Applications showcased cover sports, music and messaging! It may need more applications to break over the tipping point. 

Samsung Galaxy Gear

It is considered to be Pranav Mistry's brainchild. It will only work with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy
Note 10.1 2014 Edition, after updating to Android 4.3, the Galaxy S4Galaxy S III, and Galaxy Note II will work with the Gear. The Gear will be available post for $299.
Specs : 
  • 1.63 inch 320×320 display 277 PPI (1.67-inch Super AMOLED, 191 dpi; 3 cm×3 cm)
  • Single-core 800 MHz Exynos processor
  • ARM Mali-400 MP4 Graphic-Processor (210 MHz/500 MHz)
  • 512 MB memory
  • 4 GB on board storage
  • 1.9 megapixel camera located in the watch band
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • 315 mAh battery (advertised to last 25 hours)
  • Accelerometer & Gyroscope & Gesture Control

Stock apps are Snapchat, ChatON, S Health, Notification, RunKeeper, Tripit, Evernote, Vivino Wine, Kik, Path, showing accent on Texting, Sport, Health, Travel and note taking. 

Qualcomm Toq

Qualcomm Toq smartwatch is expected to be released as a proof of concept to OEMs and may be
Qualcomm Toq
released in limited quantities in October 2013. The Toq was first unveiled at Qualcomm's annual Uplinq event on September 4th, 2013
. It syncs with Android 4.0 or higher smartphones, allowing users to quickly scan through texts, emails, phone calls, and other notifications. It features a Mirasol display which can be easily viewed in direct sunlight. Unlike most ereaders, it can display colors and can refresh fast enough for watching videos. The Toq has a backlight for when there is no outside light source.The 200 MHz processor however does not inspire too much confidence. 

  • 200 MHz Cortex M3 processor
  • 1.55" Mirasol display
  • Battery is inside the watchband and lasts for up to 5 days
  • Charges via a Qualcomm WiPower box

Sony Smartwatch 2

The Sony SmartWatch 2, (SW2 for short), is due for a late September release. SW2 supports working
together with any 
Android 4.0 (and higher) smartphone, unlike Samsung's competing Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which only works with a few of Samsung's own Galaxy handsets. The watch comes with the option of a silicone or metal wristband and aluminum body, but can be used with any 24mm wristband. It is 1.65" X 1.61" wide and 0.35" thick and weighs 23 gms and sports a transflective LCD screen with a 220x176 resolution. The SW2 connects to the smartphone using Bluetooth, and supports NFC for easy pairing. It can be submersed in water up to a metre for 30 minutes.

It is selling for INR 6490 on Flipkart in India ! Now that is a steal

Nissan Gizmo

Nissan Nismo
This is the surprise entrant in the smartwatch market! Nissan is launching a  smartwatch to go with its Z370 Nismo sports car. The Nismo Smartwatch connects via Bluetooth to a Nissan smartphone app and can display information about a car’s performance as well as driver stats, including heartbeat.  It will give drivers average speed and fuel consumption readings. It will also let them access a vehicle's telematics and performance data in motion; capture the driver's biometric data through a heart rate monitor; connect to the car using a smartphone app through Bluetooth Low Energy; and receive tailored car messages from Nissan.Taking the name of its performance-focused automobiles, the Nismo smartwatch will be paired with Nissan’s high-end racing cars. Nissan is slated to show off its newest gadget during Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. Critics have been sceptical on its usage as it is aimed at racing drivers and hence may lack wider acceptance. I imagine it will finder application, especially with the health monitoring! Lets wait and see.

The clock is ticking !

2013 has been an eventful year for Smart watches with a slew of launches! 2014 will definitely be a watershed for Wearables with more launches and more importantly, launch of Google Glass and its ilk of Smart Eyewear from the likes of Vuzix and Recon, which I will cover in my next article. Market reports talk of Wearables breaching the 100 Million mark in 2014 itself! At that rate, the clock is ticking on mobile phones as we know them. I believe that 2016-17 time frame will see a global migration from Mobile phones to Wearables! I would be eagerly looking forward to those days! 

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